Country: RWANDA
Region: Nyamagabe District, Southern Province
Owner: The Sumbili Family
Altitude: 1,935 metres above sea level
Variety: 100% Red Bourbon
Processing: Fully Washed and sun-dried on African raised beds.

Floral with vanilla and sweet cream, raisin, maple, roasted almonds and dark chocolate and tangerine blossom.

About Sumbili

The coffee is produced and named after Sumbili, who have produced coffee for 35 years. It is processed at Buf Café’s Nyarusiza washing station. For nearly 20 years (like all farmers in Rwanda) the Sumbili family sold their semi-processed cherries on to a middleman, with prices dictated by a single exporter. In the 1990’s, declining world prices and a commodity focused system, resulted in severe hardship for many farmers, many of whom abandoned coffee entirely. Thankfully the Sumbili’s did not, and in 2003, they began to focus on producing specialty coffee. After attending one of Buf Café’s educational sessions they focused their energies on improving their farming practices in order to maximise quality.

Sadly Mr Sumbili passed away in July of 2014, aged 83. His land was subsequently divided between his six children who have continued producing exceptional coffee with Buf Cafe.

Located in the Butare region in Rwanda’s South, the Sumbili family drop off their freshly picked cherries each and every day to a Buf Café. The cherries are then delivered to Nyarusiza washing station for sorting, processing, and drying. These lots are all marked with the Sumbili name and the picking date. This ensures that their lots are kept separate for inventory and scoring purposes.

This particular lot from the Sumbili family comes from cherries picked from the 25th of February through to the 4th of March.

How Sumbili is processed