Country: BRAZIL
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais
Owner: Renato & Luiz Carlos Fantinato
Altitude: 1,200-1,400m above sea level
Variety: Yellow Bourbon and Yellow Catuai
Processing: Pulped Natural

Delicate floral aromas give way to dried fruits and dark chocolate. Medium/heavy bodied and sweet.

Vale de Lua (‘Valley of the Moon’) is a 90-hectare farm established in 2006 and located in Mantiqueira de Minas at 1200-1400 meters above sea level. Owner Renarto Fantinato purchased the land with a dream of turning it into a coffee farm and 4 years later after a lot of hard work, he realized that he would need help to turn his dream into reality; and so he convinced his brothers Luiz Carlos and Alexandre to help him manage the farm.

When the brothers began producing coffee, they were unaware of the quality they had the potential to produce. When their first crops hit the market, the reaction of specialty coffee buyers was incredibly encouraging. “They described our samples as little treasures” Renarto explained; and “took us to the next level”. As a result, the brothers focused their efforts on improving quality even further and making their coffee the best it could be. “We must always have maximum quality as a focus…we want to explore all the potential our land shows up. Perfection is our goal and we know that with this in mind we have a brilliant future in coffee growing”.

Vale da Lua has the ideal conditions to produce exceptional coffee – a combination of high altitude and mild climate, allowing for a slow maturation of the coffee fruit. The slow fruit development and careful processing (in a newly upgraded mill located on the property) all help to highlight the inherent sweetness and complex fruit notes in the coffee.

This coffee was processed using the pulped natural method. The coffee was pulped to remove the cherry skin and fruit, and the beans, covered in sugary fruit mucilage were left to dry naturally on raised beds and turned regularly to ensure the coffee dried evenly.