About the Bean

Manual Brewing Methods

There are many ways to brew coffee other than espresso! I have provided a list of links that I have found helpful and a good place to start. From AeroPress to plunger/French press, below is a brewing guide that should help get you started! http://marketlane.com.au/brew-guide https://www.smallbatch.com.au/learn/brew-method/

Is Fair trade really fair?

Many of you would’ve heard of the organization ‘The Fairtrade Foundation’. They aim to address the injustice that exists in global trade. Traditionally those producers in poorer, less developed countries have suffered the most, because they are part of a system that has made it difficult – if not impossible – to secure a fair …Read more

Espresso 101

All coffee is brewed utilizing specific quantities of ground coffee and water (at a given temperature) over a period of time. The difference with espresso is that high pressure (around 9 Bar) is also involved. There are a myriad of variables that can influence the taste of your final ‘shot’! Many coffee professionals have spent …Read more

The White Stuff – how important is milk?

Given that milk based espresso beverages contain between 85-90% milk; it is surprising that very little discussion or consideration is often given to the type and quality of the milk that is used. Having experimented with countless types and brands of milks over the years, I am of the opinion that when it comes to …Read more

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